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InMed’s IntegraSyn™ Produces Cannabinoid Yield (5 g/L) That Significantly Exceeds Currently Reported Industry Yields

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.
InMed Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: INM) is a clinical-stage company developing a pipeline of cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical drug candidates, initially focused on the therapeutic benefits of cannabinol (“CBN”), and is developing IntegraSyn™ to produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids. The Company is dedicated to delivering new therapeutic alternatives to patients who may benefit from cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical drugs. 

On Thursday, June 17th, InMed Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: INM) announced that its continued optimization of IntegraSyn™ has increased the cannabinoid yield to a level of 5 g/L, further improving the economics of this proprietary manufacturing approach in advance of large-scale production. InMed’s cannabinoid yield of 5 g/L significantly exceeds currently reported industry yields. The Company has continued to make important steps to further optimize the IntegraSyn™ manufacturing process, resulting in the improved yield of 5 g/L, surpassing InMed’s previously reported yield levels of 2 g/L, an already commercially viable yield. The impact of improved yield is a significant reduction in the overall cost of manufacturing due to greater amount of cannabinoid produced per batch. InMed is now focused on manufacturing scale-up to larger batch sizes in the second half of calendar year 2021.

Eric A. Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer of InMed Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: INM)

We are very excited by these impressive yield levels that further validates the IntegraSyn™ manufacturing approach as a commercially viable solution for large-scale, pharmaceutical-grade GMP production of rare cannabinoids. While we continue to refine the process, we are now focused on advancing the program towards the next key milestones, including the manufacture of our first large-scale batch through a GMP-ready process in the coming months. We continue to believe InMed’s proprietary IntegraSyn™ approach will be one of the most important manufacturing processes for pharma-grade cannabinoids,” stated Eric A. Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer of InMed.

Michael Woudenberg, Vice President of Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls of InMed Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: INM)

“This achievement of increasing yield through process optimization was a combined effort of our internal team and Almac Sciences (member of the Almac Group), our collaborator / co-manufacturing partner, and enables the continued advancement to a scaled-up, GMP-ready process,” stated Michael Woudenberg, Vice President of Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls of InMed. 

The Almac Group is an established contract development and manufacturing organization providing an extensive range of integrated services across the drug development lifecycle to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors globally. Its innovative services range from R&D, biomarker discovery development and commercialization, API manufacture, analytical services, formulation development, clinical trial supply, Interactive Response Technology through to commercial-scale manufacture. Almac is an international, privately-owned organization which has grown organically over the past five decades now employing over 6,000 highly skilled personnel across 18 facilities including Europe, the US and Asia. For more information please visit http://almacgroup.com.

Shares of InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: INM) closed Thursday’s trading session at $2.91, +3.93% after surging to an intraday high of $3.51 on 696,697 in trading volume. The 52-wk range is $2.55 -$8.94.

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