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The Home Depot Canada Foundation Raises Investment In Support Of Homeless Youth – $HD $DIA

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

Reportedly, TradeWorx, launched by The Home Depot (HD Canada Foundation in 2021 is a collaboration with 10 successful Canadian employment social enterprises (ESEs) to help fill systemic gaps and prevent youth homelessness. TradeWorx partners offer at-risk youth skills training needed to secure a long-term well-paying career in the trades, helping with the ability to afford and retain housing.

Recently, The Home Depot Canada Foundation announced to increase its investment to $125 million to help prevent and end youth homelessness by 2030. The Foundation recently exceeded its initial $50 million pledge with more than $5 million distributed across Canadian communities through TradeWorx, The Orange Door Project Campaign, and innovation grants for its 15 regional partners over the last several months.

Homelessness rates continue to rise in Canada, with unhoused youth making up approximately 20% of the homeless population. According to a Canadian publication, more than 50% of adults experiencing homelessness have their first instance before the age of 25.

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(Read Original Story: The Home Depot Canada Foundation Increases Investment To Prevent and End Youth Homelessness by 2030 in NewsDirect)


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