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Nike Teams Up With Award-Winning Singer Billie Eilish To Launch “100% Vegan” Air Jordans

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

Reportedly, Nike, Inc. (NKE) is set to launch two pairs of “100% vegan” Air Jordan sneakers on Sep 27, in collaboration with award-winning singer Billie Eilish, 19. Eilish announced the sneakers on her social media handle, showcasing two options a green pair of Air Jordan 1KO, and a tan pair of Air Jordan 15. The shoes are made with more than 20% recycled material and also feature a logo on the tongue that the singer informed she drew when she was 14.

“I really wanted to kind of have, almost like an ode to myself in like an appreciative way and a kind of sentimental way, of just like, this was me for a while. It sounds kind of dumb because it’s a shoe, but it means a lot,” Eilish stated in a video.

Eilish regularly speaks out against animal cruelty and the use of fur in the fashion industry and supports more sustainable fashion.

NIKE, Inc. (NKE) is the world’s top designer, marketer, and distributor of athletic footwear, equipment, apparel, and accessories. The Beaverton, Oregon-based company offers products for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. To learn more about NIKE, Inc. (NIKE) and to continue to track its progress please visit the Vista Partners NIKE Coverage Page.

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(Read Original Story: Billie Eilish and Nike pair up for "100% vegan" Air Jordans in CBS News)


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