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Chevron’s New Fund To Invest $300 Million Targeting Low-Carbon Technology Initiatives

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

Reportedly, Chevron Corp (CVX) has launched a $300 million fund focused on low-carbon technology, as traditional global oil and gas aim to invest more in green energy and manage climate change. Energy giants are working on exploring investments in renewable energy & green technology reducing greenhouse gas emissions amid rising pressure from investors and activists.

Chevron Technology Ventures launched its first Future Energy Fund in 2018 and has further invested in a number of companies in the field that are working on carbon capture and energy saving. Last month, Chevron invested in Blue Planet Systems Corp, a startup that builds a substitute for limestone in building materials and concrete from carbon dioxide.

In October the company also formed a joint venture to market dairy biomethane, a renewable source of natural gas made of methane emissions from cattle burps to reduce emissions.

Dow 30 component Chevron Corporation (CVX), through its subsidiaries, engages in integrated energy, chemicals, and petroleum operations worldwide.  To learn more about Chevron (CVX) and to track their progress please visit the Vista Partners Chevron Page.

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(Read Original Story: Chevron launches $300 million fund to focus on low-carbon technology in Reuters)


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