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Is Intel’s New AI Chip A Threat To Nvidia Corp’s Dominant AI Chip Market? – $INTC $NVDA $DIA

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

Reportedly, Intel Corporation (INTC) has launched a new chip called Gaudi2 focused on artificial intelligence computing, as the chip manufacturer strengthens its push into the AI chip market currently dominated by Nvidia Corp. Gaudi2 marks the second-generation processor by Habana Labs, an Israeli AI chip startup the chip giant bought in late 2019 for about $2 billion.

As AI computing is one of the fastest-growing areas for data centers, AI chip startups have been getting major investments in recent years. Capturing market share away from Nvidia has been a challenge as many AI companies and researchers are used to using Nvidia’s software platform CUDA.

“CUDA is not a moat that Nvidia can really stand on for long,” stated chief business officer at Habana Labs Eitan Medina, adding that Intel’s software platform is open standard, free to download and use from GitHub, the software development site. 
Medina informed that Gaudi2 was twice as fast as Habana’s previous AI chip and manufactured at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co’s 7-nanometer transistor technology from 16-nanometers previously. Generally the smaller the transistor size, the faster and more powerful the chip is.

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(Read Original Story: Intel launches new AI chips, challenging Nvidia's market in Reuters)


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