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Intel & Microsoft Collaborate On Intel’s Bridge Technology

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

As per reports, Intel (INTC) and Microsoft (MSFT) have deepened their partnership offering an impressive computing experience with the upcoming Windows 11 for more than three-fourths of Windows PCs powered by Intel® processors. The new New PCs enabled by Intel® Core™ processors along with Intel’s broad portfolio of intellectual property and platform technologies are equipped to deliver the full potential of new Windows 11 experiences.

“Intel and Microsoft’s long-standing approach to OS, system architecture and hardware integration enables the best PC experience for customers. The combination of Windows 11 and Intel® technologies and platforms offers unmatched performance, compatibility and experiences on Windows, and we’re bringing people’s favorite experiences from the phone to the PC with Intel® Bridge Technology” stated Gregory Bryant, Intel executive vice president, and general manager, Client Computing Group

Some of the new experiences include the Intel® Bridge Technology which vastly expands mobile applications to run right on the PC, making it easier to play favorite games all on one screen, the Windows Snap and Thunderbolt™ 4 offer the best multi-monitor experience, and Windows and Intel® Wi-Fi 6E, to connect anywhere, anytime from a PC. Intel Bridge Technology allows the PC to offer the most choices and best experiences for the broadest ecosystem of applications.  Hardware advancements and Intel’s software co-engineering with Microsoft will enable some of the best Windows designs on the market.

Intel aims to offer its broadest range of computing experiences for Windows 11 this year and beyond, with its 10th Gen, 11th Gen, and future generations of Intel Core processor-based platforms for education, businesses, consumers, enthusiasts, and more.

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(Read Original Story: Intel Core Processors and Intel Bridge Technology Unleash Windows 11 Experience in Business Wire)


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