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Tech Giants Apple, Google & Microsoft Agree To Introduce ‘New Common Passwordless’ Sign-Ins – $AAPL $GOOG $MSFT $DIA

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

As per reports, technology giants Apple (AAPL), Google, and Microsoft (MSFT) have agreed to support a new type of online sign-in which could replace passwords and is designed to make the web more “secure and usable for all”. The technology giants have agreed to support a new common passwordless sign-in standard which has been created by industry bodies the Fido Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium.

The new feature upon implementation will allow users to sign in to apps and websites in a similar manner as they would unlock their devices that is either by using a fingerprint, face scan, or entering a device PIN. The system will enable people to access and use their new passwordless sign-in credentials, known as a passkey across different devices without having the need to sign in to every account again on each device, further reducing the need for people to remember a wide range of username and password combinations to log in to different services that may often lead to passwords being reused across multiple accounts and is one of the biggest security risks in the digital world.

“‘Simpler, stronger authentication is not just Fido Alliance’s tagline it also has been a guiding principle for our specifications and deployment guidelines. Ubiquity and usability are critical to seeing multi-factor authentication adopted at scale, and we applaud Apple, Google, and Microsoft for helping make this objective reality by committing to support this user-friendly innovation in their platforms and products. This new capability stands to usher in a new wave of low-friction Fido implementations alongside the ongoing and growing utilization of security keys giving service providers a full range of options for deploying modern, phishing-resistant authentication,” stated Fido Alliance executive director Andrew Shikiar.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft expect to start making these capabilities available across their platforms over the coming year. The announcement comes on World Password Day, and cybersecurity experts called for the public and businesses to “drop passwords altogether” to better protect personal data.

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