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Synopsys & Intel Forge Partnership To Integrate Technical Building Blocks Into Chip Design -$INTC $SNPS $DIA $SPY $LTRN

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

Reportedly, Synopsys (SNPS), a company specializing in chip design tools, and Intel Corporation (INTC) unveiled a collaborative agreement. Under this partnership, Synopsys’ collection of technical building blocks will be integrated into Intel’s offerings, aiming to enhance the chip design process.

The arrangement encompasses Synopsys’ intellectual property, which serves as readily available components for chip designers, expediting design procedures. Synopsys will curate a range of designs that align with Intel’s sophisticated manufacturing capabilities, including Intel 3 and Intel 18A.

Intel and Synopsys jointly confirmed the establishment of a framework that will facilitate the accessibility of this intellectual property for upcoming manufacturing processes. While the specific financial terms of the collaboration were not disclosed, its significance cannot be understated.

This collaboration holds strategic importance, particularly for Intel Foundry Services (IFS), the company’s contract manufacturing division. It signifies Intel’s ambition to position IFS as a viable contender in the competitive landscape, potentially rivaling established players like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

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(Read Original Story: Intel adds Synopsys IP to advanced contract manufacturing in Reuters)


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