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IBM & Amazon Collaborate To Offer OpenShift To Oil Industry

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

As per reports, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and Amazon (AMZN) have come together to offer a set of tools that oil companies can use to manage diverse types of data. IBM’s technology called OpenShift will allow oil companies to use the oil-industry cloud data tools in their privately owned data centers within their countries.

In 2018, Amazon worked with Royal Dutch Shell to create a technology to turn data from more than a century of oil production, mainly from paper records, into a standardized structured format, allowing multinational oil companies to improve efficiency across their operations.

Vice president of engineering at AWS, Bill Vass, informed that expanding the reach of the data tools would also help oil companies add non-petroleum assets such as wind and solar to their portfolios. Renewable energy demands producers to know their output at various locations at different times.

“As they transition to energy companies, it makes it easier for them, because they have all their wind data and their solar data, transmission line data, all this in there as well. You’d really don’t have a concept of how complicated the energy grid actually is until you start looking at all these different ways of transmitting energy,” stated Bill Vass.

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(Read Original Story: IBM, Amazon partner to extend reach of data tools for oil companies in Reuters)


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