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IBM Introduces World’s First 2-Nanometer Chip Technology

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

Reportedly, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has unveiled the world’s first 2-nanometer chipmaking technology that could be 45% faster and up to 75% more power-efficient than the mainstream 7-nanometer chips used in many of today’s laptops and phones.

The technology is expected to take several years to come for usage in the market. IBM outsources its high-volume chip production to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd but has a chip manufacturing research center in Albany, New York. The unit produces test runs of chips and has joint technology development deals with Intel Corp and Samsung to use IBM’s chipmaking technology.

The chips are much smaller and faster than today’s leading-edge 5-nanometer chips, which are used in Apple’s iPhone 12 models. Tiny switches are faster and more power-efficient, but it also creates problems with electrons leaking when the switches are supposed to be off. Senior vice president and director of IBM Research, Darío Gil informed that the scientists were able to drape sheets of insulating material just a few nanometers thick to check the leaks.

“In the end, there’s transistors, and everything else (in computing) relies on whether that transistor gets better or not. And it’s not a guarantee that there will be a transistor advance generation to generation anymore. So it’s a big deal every time we get a chance to say there will be another,” Gil stated.

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(Read Original Story: IBM unveils 2-nanometer chip technology for faster computing in Reuters)


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