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Rebecca Herron, A Woodway Woman, Inspires Others With Her Breast Cancer Journey Through Photo Shoot

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

Rebecca Herron of Woodway, 52, shares her journey of her battle with breast cancer seeking to inspire many to stay strong and positive. After two months of diagnosis, Herron started her fight with the potentially deadly disease through chemotherapy. She chose to portray her journey with a series of photographs and videos, capturing the beginning of her battle with breast cancer.

“I didn’t really know what to do I guess I was kinda stunned…didn’t really know how I was gonna tell my family,” says Herron.

Gathering courage for the journey that lied ahead, Herron decided to take matters on her own, by taking the bold step to shaving her hair alongside her family.

“My husband, when Nick pulled the first strand to cut my hair that’s when it kind of all became real. I was starting to break up, I’m not usually a crier and it kind of broke me,” says Herron

The challenging and emotional moment was captured free of charge by Kimberly Young Photography in Axtell at Vintage Oaks Ranch. One by one, each member of Herron’s family cut away pieces of her hair.

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