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Coca-Cola Teams Up With Leading Provider Of Shared Electric Vehicles (Lime) Rewarding Consumers For Recycling

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

Reportedly, the Coca-Cola Company (KO) announced a partnership with the world’s leading provider of shared electric vehicles, Lime, rewarding people for their commitment to recycling. The companies are offering more than 40,000 free bike or e-scooter rides to people who purchase and pledge to recycle their 13.2oz, 100% rPET* Coca-Cola bottles, made from 100% recycled plastic material (rPET), not including the bottles’ cap and label.

Brandan Strickland, Brand Director of Coca-Cola Trademark, Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit stated, “The 13.2oz, 100% rPET* Coca-Cola bottle is just one of the many innovations the company has introduced to make important advancements towards a World Without Waste. Now, with Sip Sized, 100% rPET* Coca-Cola bottles available at convenience stores across the nation, we’re encouraging people to go the extra mile to commit to recycling our products again and again.”

Consumers purchasing the Sip Sized Coca-Cola bottle from their nearest convenience store can pledge to recycle by visiting CokePlayToWin.com/endlesslyrefreshing, and those who pledge to recycle their Sip Sized, 100% rPET* Coca-Cola bottles will win a promo code via email. Available on a first-come, first-serve basis a free 10-minute bike or e-scooter ride can be availed through the Lime app.

The transition to the 100% rPET* packaging across several products within the Coca-Cola trademark portfolio along with the above initiative reduces the beverage giant’s use of new plastic by more than 20% across the portfolio in North America in comparison to 2018.

Dow 30 Component, The Coca-Cola Company (KO), is the largest total beverage company in the world. It offers 500 plus brands in over 200 countries and is committed to reducing sugar in its drinks and providing new and diverse drinks to people everywhere. To learn more about The Coca-Cola Company (KO) and to continue to track its progress please visit the Vista Partners Coca-Cola Company Coverage Page.

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(Read Original Story: Coca-Cola® Encourages Recycling by Offering Free Rides through Lime Partnership in Business Wire)


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