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Russell 2000, Plug Power, & Tesla Hop As Broad Markets End In Positive Territory

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

The Market indices all ended in the green on Tuesday bouncing back a bit from Monday’s down day and ended as follows: the little guys on the Russell 2000 had a very good day closing at 2,127.96 (+1.77%), the Nasdaq closed at 13,068.69 (+.28%) as Biden influenced clean energy players generally advanced i.e Tesla (TSLA) ($849.44, +4.72%) & hydrogen energy provider Plug Power (PLUG) closed at $66.02/share, +22.33% as they announced they are jointly developing hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles (LCV) with French carmaker Renault, the Dow 30 closed at 31,072.43 (+.19%), & the S&P 500 closed at 3,801.19 (+.04%) as the energy sector rose 3.5%, the materials sector added 1.4%, the consumer discretionary sector moved up by 1.3%, & the financials sector added 1.1%.


The macro schedule delivered a couple of reports today as the job openings report confirmed a drop to 6.527M in November. The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index report showed a drop to 95.9 in December. The 2-yr treasury yield edged lower to end at .145%, & the 10-yr yield rose 1 basis points to end at 1.14% while the U.S. Dollar Index moved down to end at 90.o4. Tomorrow, we will receive the Consumer Price Index report for December, the Treasury Budget report for December, the Fed’s Beige Book for January, & the weekly MBA Mortgage Applications Index report.


The heavily weighted & popular FAANG’s ended mostly in negative territory today as follows: Apple (AAPL) shares closed at $128.80, -.14%,  Amazon (AMZN) ($3,120.83, +.21%), Alphabet (GOOG) ($1,746.55, -1.14%), Facebook (FB) closed at $251.094, -2.24%, & Netflix (NFLX) closed at $494.25/share, -/97%. 

Chinese EV concern NIO Limited (NIO) closed at $62.04/share, -1.05% after surging again yesterday after introducing its attractive new electric ET7 sedan with an estimated 600-mile range, self-driving functionality, & a sensor package.


Silver closed closed down again at $25.71/oz, +.61 and gold closed at 1,859, +12. North American Silver and gold producer Hecla Mining Company (HL) closed at $6.10/share, +2.01%. HL’s 52-week range is $1.4 – $7.06. Oil prices also moved up 1.4% & ending at $52.88/bbl. Chevron (CVX) closed at $93.34, +1.9%. Morgan Stanley’s analyst Devin McDermott was reported to have raised his rating to Overweight this week and stated at that the stock could return 30% with dividends believing that its cost cutting measures and holding back on capital spending for the next several years somewhat secures the dividend going forward. Exxon Mobil (XOM) closed at $47.88, +2.22%, & highly leveraged Occidental Petroleum (OXY) closed at $22.62/share, +12.7%.


  • Shares of Atossa Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATOS) closed at $1.05/share, -4.55% and traded 15.50 Million shares after raising an additional $25.2M last week. When you add that to the two raises that they completed in December 2020 (totaling $37M gross proceeds) that means they have raised $62.2M in gross proceeds between three equity raises affording the company a significant development runway and many more options to be considering.
    •  Atossa is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company seeking to discover and develop innovative medicines in areas of significant unmet medical need with a current focus on breast cancer and COVID-19.
    • Atossa recently announced blinded preliminary results from its Phase 1 clinical study using Atossa’s proprietary drug candidate AT-301 administered by nasal spray. AT-301 was found to be safe and well tolerated in this study at two different dose levels in both single and multiple dose forms over 14 days. AT-301 is being developed for at home use for patients recently diagnosed with COVID-19. There are currently no FDA-approved therapies to treat COVID-19 at home.  
    • They are hoping to get an FDA nod to hopefully move into a Phase 2 trial as soon as possible. 
  • Natural-Killer cell (NKcell) focused biopharmaceutical firm Fate Therapeutics (FATE) closed at $112.05/share, +.04% today. Last week, they announced the pricing of an underwritten public offering of ~$400 million. Jefferies, BofA Securities, SVB Leerink and Barclays acted as joint book-running managers for the offering.

    • We started with Fate over 3 years ago when it was in the $3 range. Fate’s 52-wk range is $16.75- $103.86. 

    • Recently, Fate presented a patient case study from the Company’s Phase 1 clinical trial of FT596, its universal, off-the-shelf, CD19-targeted chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) natural killer (NK) cell product candidate, at the 62nd Annual Society of Hematology Annual Meeting and Exposition and the street loved it. NK cells are the body’s first line of defense against viral infections and cancerous cells with an innate ability to rapidly seek and destroy transformed cells. NK cell therapy has the potential to 1) target multiple pathogenic antigens with measurably more efficient cytotoxicity, 2) be better controlled to reduce risk of cytokine storms and 3) be produced from a variety of sources without relying on patient-specific immune cells. Dr. Wayne Chu, Senior Vice President, Clinical Development of Fate Therapeutics stated, “The safety, pharmacokinetics and clinical activity observed following both the first and second single-dose treatment cycles of FT596 are compelling, especially when considering that the administered cell dose was significantly lower than the recommended cell dose of FDA-approved autologous CD19-targeted CAR T-cell therapies and that the heavily pre-treated patient was refractory to last prior therapy. We are excited the CAR component of FT596 has shown clinical activity at this low dose level, and we continue to enroll patients in dose escalation with FT596 as a monotherapy and in combination with rituximab.”

  • Shares of INVO Bioscience (INVO) closed trading at $3/share, -.01%. Last week, INVO’s Management Issued a letter to shareholders that spoke to their key developments and future initiatives that has positioned their product INVOcell® within the severely underserved fertility market. PLEASE READ IT HERE.
    • INVO is a medical device company focused on creating alternative treatments for patients diagnosed with infertility and developers of INVOcell®, the world’s only in vivo Intravaginal Culture System. Industry forecasts suggest that only 1% to 2% of the estimated 150 million infertile couples worldwide are currently being treated. INVO’s mission is to increase access to care and expand infertility treatment across the globe with a goal of improving patient affordability and industry capacity. Since January 2019, INVO Bioscience has signed commercialization agreements in the United States, India, as well as parts of Africa and Eurasia and Mexico for the INVOcell device.
    • INVO received BUY Ratings from both Roth Capital ($5 PT) & Collier International Securities ( $5.75 PT) in December, 2020.  
  • Shares of next generation of gene silencing therapies firm NeuBase Therapeutics (NBSE) closed trading at $7.80, +1.69%.
    • NeuBase is developing the next generation of gene silencing therapies with its flexible, highly specific synthetic antisense oligonucleotides. The proprietary NeuBase peptide-nucleic acid (PNA) antisense oligonucleotide (PATrOL™) platform allows for the rapid development of targeted drugs, increasing the treatment opportunities for the hundreds of millions of people affected by rare genetic diseases, including those that can only be treated through accessing of secondary RNA structures. Using PATrOL technology, NeuBase aims to first tackle rare, genetic neurological disorders.
  • Leading provider of hydrogen engines and fueling solutions enabling e-mobility, Plug Power (PLUG), closed at $66.02/share, +22.33%. Today, PLUG announced that they are jointly developing hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles (LCV) with French carmaker Renault. Last week, Plug and the SK Group also announced that the companies intend to form a strategic partnership to accelerate hydrogen as an alternative energy source in Asian markets. SK Group will make a $1.5 billion (9.9% stake) strategic investment in Plug Power. Recently, PLUG announced that is expanding is relationship with Walmart (WMT) & confirmed that they had sold 38M shares priced at $22.25/shares raising a whopping $845.5M which represented about 9.1% of the shares outstanding and which brought their capital to the $1.7B range but when you add in the $1.5B announced today that is ~3.2B!

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