Women Who Are Changing the Face of Science & Technology Today!

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When you think of famous scientists and inventors you think Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, am I right? Rarely does the name of a woman come to mind. It's time to change that & these names should be just as commonly known in your household as any of the men listed. 1. Margaret Hamilton The mother of software, Hamilton led a team of coders at MIT that was in charge of onboard flight software on the Apollo computers, with only an undergraduate degree and while raising a toddler. 2. Fei- Fei Li Fei-Fei Li is a computer science professor at Stanford and is currently working at the forefront of artificial intelligence by working to instill artificial intelligence algorithms with human sensitivity. 3. Jewel Burks Burks is an entrepreneur who is working to diversity the tech industry with creations like the cutting-edge computer vision app Partpic. 4. Donna Strickland The 2018 Novel Prize in Physics winner, Strickland specializes in working with lasers. Her contributions to the field of Physics allowed her to become the first woman in 55 years to win a Nobel Prize in her field. 5. Elizabeth Smith Friedman Friedman is a founder of modern cryptography which is an information-security methodology that supports everything from cybersecurity to digital surveillance. 6. Cohl Furey Furey is a mathematical physicist whose work continues to challenge the standard model of particle physics. 7. Jennifer Doudna Doudna is one of the co-creators of the CRISPR technology- that is the gene editing that has created new ways to store information in DNA. 8. Susan Fowler A former engineer and programmer at Uber, Fowler left the company after facing discrimination and sexual harassment that was dismissed by the company. Fowler has sparked national conversation with her blog that highlight the way women are often treated in the technology industry. 9. Betty Holberton When the first computer came out, its original intent was to help in the war effort during World War II. With most men away at war, Betty Holberton led a team of six women ran the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer. Holberton then went on to develop one of the earliest programming languages that without it, the internet would not be possible.

10 Women in Science and Tech Who Should Be Household Names

From code breakers and proto-programmers to molecular biologists and AI leaders, their work has broken barriers and set the stage for the future... www.wired.com
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