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Verizon Media & Walmart Come Together For Joint Holiday Campaign

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

As per reports, Verizon Media (VZ) and Walmart (WMT) have come together again for a Joint Holiday Campaign with their “30 Days of Savings” program offering a first look at hundreds of Walmart products to save time and money for shoppers along with assisted innovative commerce content.

The initiative offers content series featuring gift guides, tips for how to navigate the holidays during these pandemic times, and a month-long opportunity to save on hundreds of Walmart products. It is designed to help shoppers to find the perfect gift, party planning tips to celebrate the festive season while keeping a check on their pockets.

The new campaign is an addition of Yahoo’s inaugural 2019 holiday campaign “30 Days of Savings,” and a result of a growing partnership between the two companies.

“We’re proud to partner with Walmart again, and hope this can provide inspiration during a holiday season that will feel different for many of us this year,”  “Millions of people come to Verizon Media every day for trusted content, connections, and commerce, and we hope this offers a seamless shopping experience for consumers this holiday”, stated Guru Gowrappan, CEO of Verizon Media.

What to Expect from the “30 Days of Savings” holiday campaign?

Verizon Media properties that comprise TechCrunch, Yahoo, HuffPost, In The Know, RYOT Studios, and Engadget will assist consumers to find everything they need for the holidays through new commerce content. Readers will also have a chance to get the first look at hundreds of Walmart products to start shopping while helping them save time and money.

The components of the campaign will include Gift Guides, a Customized tool kit, also the Yahoo Shopping Hub where Consumers can visit Yahoo Shopping for a special “30 Days of Saving” hub that will feature all of the affiliate content and daily articles created for the campaign offering a one-stop destination for shoppers.

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