Tyler Haney’s “Outdoor Voices” Shaking Up the Athletic Apparel Scene in New Chicago Store

By John Heerdink LinkedIn

In a retail category full of giants that include the likes of Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas, the growing women’s and men’s athletics apparel company Outdoor Voices has landed and put roots now in the Windy City. Outdoor Voices, based out of Austin, Texas and founded in 2014 in New York City, uses an interactive retail concept in its new Chicago store to attract customers.

The Chicago store is the 10th store for Outdoor Voices which is owned by Tyler Haney. Other locations include New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Marin County, Boston, Nashville, Austin, Dallas, and Washington D.C. Six of the athletic apparel company’s stores were opened in 2018 and Ms. Haney has plans to open just as many more in this new year.

Outdoor Voices apparel has its own unique characteristics such has built-in spandex liner in its workout shorts, and Haney’s own palette of colors, material designs, and weights. What really sets Outdoor Voices apart though is how the customers interact with the merchandise and store itself. For example, the Chicago store features a kickboxing corner, screenings of John Hughes films i.e  the cult classic film “The Breakfast Club,”  rubber flooring, and movable changing rooms that can give the space a different feel depending on where they are situated. The new Chicago store will also offer sports-related programs free of charge as a way to pull customers in such as minithons along Lake Michigan or yoga in Grant Park.

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