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The Home Depot Introduces Virtual Field Trips For Enhanced At-Home Learning For Kids

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

Reportedly, The Home Depot, Inc. (HD) to introduce Virtual Field Trips to its digital DIY workshops library, that will include child-friendly behind the scenes tours, insights, and know-how as to how products come to life and reach the store’s shelves. The new learning experience will provide a fun, exclusive tours, curated specifically for young doers.

“Learning looks significantly different this year as parents search for new ways to teach and entertain at home,” “Starting with Bonnie Plants in October and Back to the Roots in November, our Virtual Field Trips provide a fun, exclusive tours, curated specifically for young doers. From plant genetics to supply chain, we’ve broken down these stages into creative, interactive, digestible videos with accompanying DIY projects that bring the excitement of traditional field trips to family households.” stated Lisa DeStefano, vice president of brand marketing and creative for The Home Depot.

Home Depot is also planning to expand its partnership with Discovery Education in spring 2021 to offer more digital resources and projects to its Science Fair Central platform. The expanded partnership will further expand the retailer’s contribution and support of the country’s youngest doers since the launch of its monthly kid’s workshops that started more than 20 years ago.

Virtual Field Trips and other projects for kids can be accessed at www.homedepot.com/kids.

The Home Depot, Inc. (HD) is the world’s largest home improvement retailer with retail stores all across North America. The Home Depot sells building materials and home improvement products, as well as lawn and garden supplies, and provides installation, home maintenance, and professional service programs. To learn more about The Home Depot, Inc. (HD), and to continue to track its progress please vista Partners The Home Depot, Inc. Coverage Page

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