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Nike Bringing Sports Science To Maternity Apparel With Nike (M)

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

Reportedly, NIKE, Inc. (NIKE) has stepped into the maternity clothing market under Nike (M). The new launch aims to bring in sports science to maternity apparel, emphasizing style and performance. Nike began research on the needs of expecting mothers three years ago reviving data from more than 150,000 body scans of women worldwide to understand how the body grows during pregnancy. The sports giant worked closely with 30 female athletes, including elite and everyday athletes, who were either pregnant or undergoing post-partum.

The range to offer the following, The Nike (M) Swoosh Bra – $55, the Nike (M) Pull Over – $85, the Nike (M) Tank – $45, and the Nike One (M) Tight – $60.

“Nike is listening to and learning from a much broader range of athletes, at all levels, and all body shapes. And as one of the most transformative stages of a woman’s life, we want to help ensure Motherhood was the start of a new stage – not a stop – in a woman’s sports journey,” stated Carmen Zolman senior design director of apparel innovation at Nike.

The range is carefully crafted keeping sustainability in mind, the tight utilizes a recycled bronze material composed of about 83% recycled polyester. The tank is made with 88% recycled polyester and the cover is composed of 78% recycled polyester and 10% organic cotton, as per reports.

NIKE, Inc. (NIKE) is the world’s top designer, marketer, and distributor of athletic footwear, equipment, apparel, and accessories. The Beaverton, Oregon based company offers products for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. To learn more about NIKE, Inc. (NIKE) and to continue to track its progress please visit the Vista Partners NIKE Coverage Page.

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