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IBM’s Cloud Based Study Advance Designed To Optimize Time And Cost For Clinical Trials

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

As per reports, IBM Watson Health launched its latest cloud-based technology IBM Study Advance at the 11th Annual Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE). The tool is equipped to assist in optimizing clinical trial protocol design by allowing automated access to real-world patient population data with standard protocol guidance facilitating efficiency.

Typically, for a single protocol amendment to a Phase III clinical trial it leads to unplanned expenses of $500,000 (USD) approximately and adds 61 days to the project timeline.

“Currently, 80% of trials experience delays in recruiting2 and one out of four amendments were considered completely avoidable. Breakdowns in the clinical trial process, including issues caused by study design decisions, may potentially delay access to life-changing therapies for patients. IBM Study Advance aims to remove the barriers in clinical development to help researchers efficiently bring necessary therapies to patients.” stated Rob DiCicco, PharmD, Deputy Chief Health Officer, IBM Watson Health.

The tool is devised to offer major insights during the process of study design to help lessen the number of changes during clinical trials. Advance’s workspace is designed to allow near real-time collaboration with study design team members and to provide access to standard protocol templates assisting in reducing the average time required to author a clinical trial protocol.

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