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Did Pilots’ ‘High Workload Environment’ Contribute To Boeing’s 737 Max Crash?

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

Reportedly, pilots of Boeing 737 Max airplane crash killing 346 people were exposed to “high workload environment,” as per early investigation reports informed CEO Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing at the Economic Club of New York in Manhattan. Earlier investigations revealed that a single airplane sensor led to MCAS adjusting the angle of the aircraft downward, however, Muilenburg defended the design faults and elevated the fact that the pilot’s action successful disengagement of MCAS that could have recovered the aircraft. Amidst the debate over the pilot’s inaction, Muilenburg’s statements confirmed that MCAS software worsened pilots’ emergency troubleshooting activity.

“While the investigations have not yet issued their final reports, they have shared preliminary findings. The early information established that in both lights, a software function activated in response to incorrect information from an external airplane sensor as part of a broader chain of events that created more workload for the pilots in what was already a high workload environment.” stated CEO Dennis Muilenburg.

Boeing has been currently reforming the functionality and dependability of exterior data for 737 Max aircraft. After the modifications, Max to be equipped with two exteriors “angle of attack” sensors instead of one, a single automatic activation of the MCAS system instead of multiple activations and a pilot override.

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