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Did Faulty Drinks Machine Cause The Deaths At A McDonald’s In Peru?

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) is the leading global foodservice retailer with nearly 37,000 locations in over 100 countries. The Corporation operates and franchises McDonald’s restaurants in the US and across the globe with over 90% of its restaurants owned and operated by local, independent businessmen and women.

As per reports, the general manager operating McDonald’s restaurants in Peru informed that the beverage machine causing the death of the two employees at the restaurant was facing electric fault which was not reported to the maintenance department. The two employees working for several months Alexandra Porras, 18, and Carlos Gabriel Campo, 19, were electrocuted last Sunday in Pueblo Librewhile while cleaning the kitchen, police reported.

“The information, unfortunately, that the machine was not working and giving people shocks was only known within the local managers and was not escalated so that immediate action could be taken,” informed José Andrade, general manager of Arcos Dorados Peru, owning a franchise for all the McDonald’s restaurants in Peru.

Lawyer, Elizabeth Carmona from the victim’s side informed that she had asked the prosecution on Friday for the detainment of McDonald’s and Arcos Dorados representatives in Peru.

“What we have been able to determine through internal investigations is that at least 24 hours before this happened, it was known that the machine was presenting problems. What they ought to have done is to stop using the machine, even disconnect it. This has hit us all very hard and we are working hard to review all our processes, all our protocols, to ensure such a thing does not happen again,” stated Andrade.

To learn more about McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) and to track its progress please visit the Vista Partners McDonald’s Coverage Page.

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