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Daimler Expands IBM Relationship

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.

As per reports, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and Daimler have expanded their agreement allowing Dialmler to migrate its global after-sales portal to the IBM public cloud, implementing an intelligent cloud solution driven by innovation and at the same time maintaining and benefiting from industry’s most secure public clouds for business.

The global after-sales portal is important for Daimler’s market activities. IBM’s platform, based on its IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, is equipped to allow the client to convert the application into a scalable and modern microservices architecture improving agility and scalability, along with maintaining a high level of security with IBM Hyper Protect Services protecting sensitive data, a key requirement for Daimler’s business.

Howard Boville, Senior Vice President, IBM Cloud stated, “As organizations redefine their operations by adopting public cloud, they’re able to drive innovation and modernize their infrastructures, while still prioritizing security,” “IBM public cloud provides industry-leading encryption capabilities that give our clients exclusive control of their keys and data, delivering our highest level of protection for our client’s sensitive data; a key requirement for business across all highly regulated industries.”

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