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Book Lover? Some Recommendations From Microsoft’s Founder Himself

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.
William Henry Gates III (“Bill Gates”) is an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and programmer. He is best known as the principal founder of the Microsoft Corporation. An interesting fact about Bill Gates is that he prioritizes his sleep as it keeps him active and creative, he once told The Seattle Times. However, he also stressed how much he loves reading and listed a few of his favorites that keeps him awake and makes it hard for him to sleep. Bill Gates once said in an interview, “Like anyone who loves books, if you get into a good book, it’s hard to go to sleep.” Recently, he tweeted a list of his five favorites books as follows:
  1.  “The Vital Question”
  2. “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”
  3. “How to Not Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking”
  4. “The Power to Compete: An Economist and an Entrepreneur on Revitalizing Japan in the Global Economy”
  5. “Seveneves”
Redmond, Washington-based American multinational technology company Microsoft (MSFT) develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. To learn more about Microsoft (MSFT) and to track their progress please visit the Vista Partners Coverage Page. Vista Partners LLC (”Vista”) is a California Registered Investment Advisor based in San Francisco. Vista delivers timely and relevant insights via the with daily stories, weekly market updates, monthly macroeconomic newsletters, podcasts, & Vista’s proprietary equity and market research to help you stay informed and stay competitive. Vista’s mission is to invest partner capital while arming investors with a comprehensive global financial perspective across all market sectors. Vista also seeks to provide select issuers with actionable advice regarding fundamental development, corporate governance, and capital market directives. Stay Informed! Stay Competitive! Sign Up to receive FREE email updates here! week3(7)

Bill Gates: These 5 books are so good, ‘they kept me up reading long past’ bedtime

If you’re looking for book recommendations, Bill Gates is your guy. The billionaire calls each of these picks a must-read ? from an 800-page sci-fi novel to a biochemist’s quest to solve one of science’s greatest mysteries…
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