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Berkshire’s Earnings Soared After Investment in Apple (AAPL) But…

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.
Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger’s Berkshire Hathaway‘s earnings soared more than $10 billion after its investment in Apple Inc. pushing its shares up by 20% in its first quarter. However, Charlie Munger agrees that not buying Google’s shares was a blunder and he expressed “We’re ashamed.”  as per reports. Google (GOOG)’s initial public offering (IPO) priced at $85 per share on August 19, 2004. Today Google,  now called Alphabet, is trading is at $1,188.22.

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Berkshire’s Charlie Munger Says Not Buying Google Was a Mistake

Munger said he gives himself a pass for not predicting Inc.’s ascent since Jeff Bezos is a “miracle worker.” But he decreed that not buying shares of Google was a big mistake. “We just sat there sucking our thumbs,” Munger, who spent much of the company’s Q&A session nibbling on peanut brittle..
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