After One-Day Spat, Apple Restores Facebook’s App Privileges

By John F. Heerdink, Jr.
In a span of only one day, Apple (AAPL) decided to revoke and then to restore Facebook’s (FB) privileges to use an app being used for product development. Apple was reported to have first decided to disable the app last Wednesday after it said that the social media company had been abusing it. Facebook paid users to download the app which would track internet and app usage using a tool called a developer enterprise certificate. The company could then use the data it collected from the users for research and development. Apple shut down the app after accusing Facebook of misusing the developer enterprise certificate and violating the conditions and restrictions Apple had put on its use. After a day of the punishment, though, Apple relented, and on Thursday the tech giant opened up the app for Facebook’s use again. Facebook can now continue its testing on employees which will allow the company to work out bugs in the software before they hit the public. Vista Partners LLC (”Vista”) is a California Registered Investment Advisor based in San Francisco. Vista delivers timely and relevant insights via the website: with daily stories, weekly market updates, monthly macroeconomic newsletters, podcasts, & Vista’s proprietary equity and market research to help you stay informed and stay competitive. Vista’s mission is to invest partner capital while arming investors with a comprehensive global financial perspective across all market sectors. Vista also seeks to provide select issuers with actionable advice regarding fundamental development, corporate governance, and capital market directives.

Apple restores Facebook’s app-developer tool after one-day punishment

Facebook says Apple is restoring a key development tool that the iPhone maker disabled Wednesday…
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